Our Store

Below is a virtual tour of our store in Merrickville, Ontario. This is brought to you using a technology from Google called “Google Business Photos 360”. Here are some quick tips on how to use it.

  • Use your mouse or, in the case of a mobile device (iPad, iPhone for example) your finger to navigate the virtual tour of our store below by clicking on the white arrows that appear.
  • Use the plus and minus icons to the right to zoom in and out. Using the wheel on your mouse will have the same effect. Using the pinch and expand actions on your mobile device will have the same effect.
  • Double click on an area to jump to that location in the store. This functionality doesn’t exist on a mobile device.
  • Click and drag to “look” around. The same can be accomplished on a mobile device by dragging the view with your finger.
  • Click the box with four arrows in each corner to expand the experience to full screen view. Press your ESC key to return. This option does not exist on mobile devices.
  • Have fun!